Ride Along Program

To request a ride along with a member of the Hilliard Division of Police, you must meet one of the criteria listed below. All requests for "Official Observer" status must be approved by the Chief of Police and are subject to a background check.  

Ride along forms must be received two weeks before the date of the request to allow time for processing.  

Ride Along Criteria:

  • You are required to do a ride along as part of a college project. In this case you must present a letter to the Chief of Police including details of the project and the date you are requesting to ride.
  • Your request is directly connected with divisional business and the Chief of Police has given prior approval of your request.
  • You are a college student participating in the division's Internship Program.
  • Law Enforcement Explorers who have completed internal requirements.
  • You are a participant in the Citizens Police Academy.
  • You are a media official.

Requests from civilians, not qualifying under these circumstances will not normally be approved. For more information please contact our Community Relations Officers: