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TITLE ONE - Zoning Administration 
Chapter 1105. Purpose; Interpretation; Compliance
Chapter 1107. Definitions
Chapter 1109. Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 1111. Board of Zoning Appeals
Chapter 1113. Amendments, Annexation and Limited Overlay

TITLE THREE - Zoning Districts and Regulations
Chapter 1119. Districts Established; Zoning Map and Boundaries
Chapter 1121. Overlay Districts
Chapter 1123. Use Regulations
Chapter 1127. Minimal Dimensional Requirements
Chapter 1131. Stream Corridor Protection 
Chapter 1133. Off-Street Parking and Loading
Chapter 1137. Special Provisions for Residential Uses
Chapter 1139. Fences
Chapter 1140. Communication Towers
Chapter 1141. Special Provisions for Commercial and Industrial Uses
Chapter 1142. Sexually Oriented Businesses
Chapter 1143. Old Hilliard District Regulations
Chapter 1144. Old Hilliard Design Guidelines
Chapter 1145. Nonconforming Uses

TITLE FIVE - Planned Districts 
Chapter 1147. Planned Neighborhood District
Chapter 1149. Planned Industrial Park District
Chapter 1153. Commercial Planned Development District
Chapter 1157. Planned Unit Development District
Chapter 1160. Cemetery Road Overlay District

TITLE SEVEN - Subdivision Regulations 
Chapter 1173. General Provisions
Chapter 1175. Definitions
Chapter 1177. Procedure for Plat Approval
Chapter 1179. Design Standards
Chapter 1181. Improvements
Chapter 1183. Enforcement
Chapter 1185. Variances
Chapter 1187. Development Impact Fees

TITLE EIGHT - Miscellaneous
Chapter 1191. Graphics and Sign Code
Chapter 1192. Architectural Review Board