Heritage Rail Trail Crossing at Cosgray Road

Did you know that on a nice weekend day that there are between 1,000 – 1,500 users of the Heritage Rail Trail?  This regional pathway is becoming increasingly popular for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and rollerbladers of all ages and abilities.  The City of Hilliard conducted a study of the pathway and the safety of the crossings at Leppert Road, Cosgray Road, and Hayden Run Road in 2012.   As a result of this study, the City anticipates receiving a federal safety grant to make some improvements to the Cosgray Road crossing, including the installation of a pedestrian-actuated rapid flashing beacon.  Studies throughout the country have shown that these types of beacons are quite effective at getting motorists to yield to pedestrians.  City funds will supplement the federal funds.  Design of this improvement will begin in 2013, and the new flashing lights, signs, and pavement markings are expected be installed in late 2014.  Upon evaluation of the improvements at Cosgray Road, similar improvements at the Leppert Road crossing may be considered.

Residents frequently ask “why don’t you put in a tunnel or a bridge?”  A tunnel would be challenging from a drainage standpoint and presents its own unique sorts of dangers.  A bridge would have significant impacts on adjacent properties.  Furthermore, studies have shown that unless you physically prohibit trail users from crossing at the street level through the use of a fence or barrier, trail users will rarely go up and over (or down and under) when they can cross at street level easily during most times of the day.  Bottom line, it is only difficult to cross the street during a few hours of the day; therefore, the City is focusing its resources on providing an effective solution to increase motorist yielding during those peak periods, which allows other pedestrian and bicycle improvements throughout the City to be built sooner.

For more information on this project, please contact Letty Schamp, Transportation Engineer, at lschamp@hilliardohio.gov

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Citywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility Program (T-133)

In 2013 the City of Hilliard initiated a multi-year program to design and construct pathways to promote bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety throughout the City.  Each year, various projects will be designed and then programmed for construction in subsequent years based on available funding.

Example projects include:

  Frazell Road Multi-Use Path

The City of Hilliard and the City of Columbus are partnering on this project.  The project will build a pathway on the north side of Frazell Road between Franks Park and the pathway that runs behind Tinapple Plaza and connects to Hilliard Rome Road.  Crossings of Frazell Road at Bohlen Drive and Hyde Park Drive will provide access to this path from the Westbriar, Brookfield Village, and Hyde Park subdivisions.  Construction of this path began in Fall 2013 and will be complete by Spring 2014.

 Hilliard Municipal Park Pathways

This project will create additional pathways through the park and connect to various subdivisions and private residential developments adjacent to the park.  Construction of these pathways will be phased, based on funding and will likely begin in 2015.

 Heritage Rail Trail Extension – Phase 1

The long range plan for the City of Hilliard is to extend the Heritage Rail Trail to the southeast from its existing terminus in Old Hilliard to the intersection of Leap Road and Scioto Darby Road near the Darby Glen Subdivision.  The Heritage Rail Trail is one of the City’s greatest assets, and this extension provides an opportunity to connect many residents and neighborhoods to Old Hilliard, Homestead Park, and the rural areas of northwest Franklin County.  The land on which the old railroad tracks were located is still owned by the railroad, but the City is actively working with the railroad to obtain rights to extend the path from Columbia Street to Hilliard City Hall (Phase 1).  Phase 1 would extend behind Starliner Diner and includes the crossing of Cemetery Road via the bridge west of Norwich Street.  The Hilliard City Hall parking lot would provide parking for the Trail.  The timing of this extension is dependent on the status of the Landmark Lofts development – optimistically, construction could begin as early as 2014.

Phase 2, which would include the extension of the Heritage Rail Trail from Hilliard City Hall to the Leap/Scioto Darby/Darby Glen intersection, is unknown at this time.

 East Pool Park Loop

This project will create a loop path and better connection to the park behind the east pool from Schirtzinger Road.  Construction of this pathway is dependent on funding and will likely begin in 2015.

For more information on these pedestrian and bikeway projects, please contact Letty Schamp, Transportation Engineer, at lschamp@hilliardohio.gov