Civil Service Commission


The Commission was established when Hilliard gained city status in 1953 in compliance with Ohio laws and for the purpose of administering open competitive testing for classified positions of employment in the City of Hilliard.  Appointments and promotions to positions within the classified service of the City shall be based on the principles of merit and fitness, free of personal and political considerations, in accordance with the Constitution of the State of Ohio and the City Charter.

Meeting Times

The Commission shall meet on an as-needed basis to conduct business of the Commission.  All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public. Public notice of a regularly scheduled or special Commission meeting shall be made in accordance with applicable public meeting laws.  


The Commission shall have the jurisdiction derived from Article VIII of the City Charter and accordingly shall hear appeals of employees in the permanent classified service from final decisions of an appointing authority in the following instances:
  • demotions;
  • suspensions of more than 5 days; and
  • layoffs and job abolishments; and
  • re classifications for disciplinary reasons; and terminations.

Questions regarding the Civil Service Commission can be made via email: or direct: 614-334-2345.